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About Counselling


Counselling is a talking therapy.  This means that you meet regularly with a professionally trained counsellor or psychotherapist, and talk about your situation- the problems or feelings that have prompted you to look for help.


Your counsellor has developed skills over years of training, and can listen to you, support you, maybe challenge you, whilst thinking about and trying to understand your current struggles with you.


Counselling is different to talking to friends and family; there is no ‘back story’, no history,  no expectations or judgements; it may be easier to talk to someone who does not know you closely. The counselling relationship can provide you with different perspectives: different ways to think about or understand yourself and others, and why you do the things you do, and feel the way you do.


The feelings and problems which have prompted you to think about counselling, may be related to recent events, or perhaps they are rooted in earlier times in your life. Sometimes it’s easier to ignore painful feelings, and ‘get on with’ life. Different life events can be challenging, maybe overwhelming and we sometimes get to a point where it all feels too much. Sometimes small things can ‘tip us‘ off balance. Ultimately the work you do with your counsellor can help to bring about positive change in your life.

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